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Marina's Ambrosia Mineral Make up Products - A Review

I was recently lucky enough to win a competition over at Where the Styled Things Are and my prize was a delicious selection of mineral cosmetics from Perth based company, Marina's Ambrosia.  To say I was excited is a bit of an understatement.  If there's one thing that's almost as exciting as new shoes, then it's new make-up!

I've not dabbled much with mineral make-up.  I've tried a couple of mineral foundations but found them difficult to work with and leave me looking powdery.  Now, this may be partly due to my lack of skill with a kabuki brush, or simply the products that I tried up, but it was a while ago and I'd not been tempted to try them again.

My prize from Marina's Ambrosia consisted of a the Mineral Bronzer in Sunkissed, True Love Blush, a kabuki brush and a lipstick in Shade 03.

The bronzer looks fairly dark in the pot but on application is the perfect shade of Sunkissed (durrr, the clue is in the name!).  It looks really natural on me, and doesn't streak or go patchy.  I applied it in circular motions, working from the outside of my face in, and lightly over my cheekbones and down my nose - I used it over my Garnier BB Cream and it looked great.

Marina's Ambrosia kabuki brush

Marina's Ambrosia bronzer
Sun Kissed Bronzer

The True Love blush was too pale to use on me as a blusher, but it has a beautiful sheen which makes it perfect as a highlighter for cheekbones or browbones, and that's how I used it in the below pics.

Marina's Ambrosia true love blush
True Love Blush

The lipstick is named Strawberry Red, and the colour was initially a bit scary for a nude lip obsessive like myself.  I applied it then blotted it really well and it left a beautiful pinky-red stain - not scary at all!

Marina's Ambrosia
Strawberry Red Lipstick - Shade 03

The below is a pic of me without any make-up - please don't be scared.

The Fashionable Mum

This is me wearing just Marina's Ambrosia products over my BB Cream with some mascara.  In this pic I've blotted the lipstick to form a stain.  I think this is such a naturally pretty everyday look.

The Fashionable Mum
Looking a little less scary

In this next picture I've added some definition to my eyebrows and a second coat of lipstick which I left glossy rather than blotting it.
The Fashionable Mum
More lipstick!

We were actually on our way out for the evening so I added my usual lashings of black eyeliner and more mascara to finish the look I was going for.

The Fashionable Mum
Full on slap!

I'm super pleased with these products and am really keen to try out a couple more of their range.  The Rose Spritz Setter Spray sounds delicious and the little pots of eyeshadows look like they'd give MAC a run for their money!

The things I love about this range are:

  • completely made in Perth with pure minerals - how awesome is that?
  • they are at least SPF15
  • the colour pay off is amazing and it lasted all day

Have you tried mineral make-up before and are you a fan?


  1. I really need to start taking better care of my skin/face and 'slapping' on more face paint, it really does make such a difference! Especially lippy, I just can't seem to get brave enough to wear it!

  2. Emily, you're right, just the tiniest bit really does make a difference. I don't often wear bright lippy but really love this colour!

  3. kirsty mackenzie6 January 2014 at 15:23

    I have been using minerals for years, it takes a little while to get used to, but well worth the effort as you get a much more natural look without compromising on coverage. And as for Marina's Ambrosia.....I have most of her products and will never look back, I am in the process of purchasing the whole makeup range so I can get back into professional makeup again (my trade) which I think will compliment my obsessive clohting designing LOL. You will definitely seeing Marina's Ambrosia plying a big part in a big event I am hosting and putting together this year!

  4. kirsty mackenzie6 January 2014 at 15:24

    wow, justy realised how many mistakes I made in that post hahahah, but you get the gist

  5. I've not tried much in the way of mineral makeup either, I'm a Mac fan but it is so terrible for my skin! I'll have to take a closer look and see if I can find a mineral alternative. It's tough as I developed hyperpigmentation during my last pregnancy so I need a really full cover to even out the dark patches :(

  6. Lol, Kirsty! Looking forward to seeing the big event. Do you use the Rose facial spritz? I'm a sucker for anything made with rosewater...

  7. I'd give these products a try then, Emma. I'm a product whore and use loads of different brands, and really liked these. Hyperpigmentation is a bummer, I have a couple of friends who have it. I really don't know how much coverage mineral foundation can give?

  8. wherethestyledthingsare.com8 January 2014 at 10:25

    Perfection Vicki - you look absolutely stunning and congratulations again, thanks for posting! I am also a sucker for the rose spritz, and all the skin care range I can't live without it!

  9. kirsty mackenzie8 January 2014 at 10:34

    yes I do, I love it!

  10. Thanks Adelle, I know I"m going to be very tempted to try some of their other items...

  11. I'm only just warming to mineral makeup. Might need to give this brand a try. Thanks for linking up for our One New Thing a Week Challenge. I was convinced I would be on my own this week as everyone still seems to be on holidays or having blog breaks.


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