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Beauty Confessions - Bloggers Confess - Part Two

I'm back with Part Two of my mini series of beauty confessions from some of my most favourite bloggers.  Today, we've got confessions from Styling You, KimbaLikes, Redcliffe Style and me, The Fashionable Mum.


Rachel from over at Redcliffe Style, makes a confession that I think a few of us maybe guilty of.

"I must confess to being a complete, beauty product junkie.  I am always on the look out for the miracle products, the one that will make me look radiant and maybe even a few years younger.  I think I have tried them all!!  But my weakness is masks.  I love masks!  I love anything that feels like it's working.  If it burns or is uncomfortable, I'm sold!!

One reader told me about a Black gunk mask.  You apply it thick and then peel it off in one swoop.  You can buy it online for about $5 and I'm not sure if it works, but it sure is fun to peel off.

Rachel, looking, um, interesting

Products I swear by are the Image Skincare Range.  Unbelievable!  I dare anyone to get a facial and not want to invest their children's school funds immediately.

I think my children will really appreciate my youthful appearance while they are serving at McDonald's."


Nikki from Styling You gets the ultimate accolade for Lazy Girl Beauty, with a whole series of blog posts dedicated to looking great when you're pushed for time.  My favourite post is the "Two Minute Beauty Routine", check it out to find out how Nikki goes from flat to fabulous in less time than it takes to make a brew!



Kim-Marie Williams, retro-cute blogger at Kimba Likes has a cunning strategy for keeping her nails looking great when you don't have a spare hour to do a mani (who does??).


"I don't always have the time to give myself a decent home mani. So I broke the process into stages. 

I tidy my cuticles one evening, file them whenever I get a spare moment the following day and paint them that evening. 

It seems silly but the longest part of a manicure is the drying time - and a crucial part too. Evenings, after everything is done for the day, is usually the only time I have available.  

A mani tip for when you really have run out of time is to grab a bottle of metallic nail lacquer. One coat will usually suffice and it dries really quickly. It will get you through the event but won't last much longer than that. 

Alternatively, if you are running so late that the cab is beeping at your front door, pack a nail file and file your nails in the cab. Apply some gorgeous hand creme to smooth your skin and add shine to your nails. 

Here's a nail polish sneaky trick I like to use for the tootsies. Not enough time to fix your pedi? Just paint another coat over the chipped edges.  Et voila! Good to go. 

If you're really in a rush, pop your sandals on and paint only the visible toenails. A nice bright colour does the trick beautifully. 

Oh, and one final tip - always do your toenails first. I constantly forget this and wind up smudging my mani whilst trying to do my pedi. Doh!"


I already confessed on facebook to being the laziest moo with my hair - it can stay in the same updo for a couple of days with no problem at all.  

"I have to confess to being slightly obsessed with nail polish.  I've mentioned before on the blog how bloody awful my fingernails are, so why I own this many nail polishes is completely beyond me.

75 and counting.....

Since being given the Gelicious gel nail system for Christmas, I've worn the same shade of bright orange coral since Boxing Day!

My other confession is my that I have my eyeliner tattoo'ed on.  I had it done (on the upper lashline) around a year ago and it hurt more than childbirth.  Seriously, I've got other tattoos but nothing can prepare you for having someone literally stick needles in your eyes.  Saying that, it does make a big difference to how your eyes look when you can't be arsed to put any eyeliner/mascara on."


I hope you've enjoyed our mini-series of beauty confessions, please feel free to comment and share you own tips and tricks to looking awesome.x


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