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Ask the Fashionable Mum - what to wear to a wedding?

I'm so excited to be doing my first "Ask the Fashionable Mum", and it's one that's particularly great because it features my favourite item of clothing - the dress.  I mentioned recently, having just finished Frocktober, that I have enough dresses to see me through a calendar month and then some.  However, if I had a fabby wedding to go to in Melbourne, would I be turning to my closet to find something I've worn before?  Er, no.

Ask the Fashionable Mum

And that's where Bobbi comes in.  Bobbi asked me if I could help find her a dress for an upcoming wedding in March over in Melbourne.  She tells me that she doesn't wear white (which is probably a no-go at most weddings anyway) and that she was thinking of something in blue or coral.  Bobbi has an English rose complexion with a blonde "Audrey Hepburn" style crop.

I'm going to start with a few tips on how to dress for a wedding.

1. You obviously want to be wearing something that NO-ONE else is going to turn up in, so ideally I'd steer away from the normal high street choices.  This doesn't apply, however, if you can snaffle an end of season bargain, as they usually get overlooked when shopping for such an important outfit.

2.  Wear shoes that you can walk in.  Weddings are normally loooong, drawn out affairs with lots of standing around so if you wear your pole-dancing platforms, your bunions will be crying out long before the happy couple cut the cake.

3.  Unless you have the youngest of kids at the wedding with you, don't carry a massive holdall round full of baby paraphenalia.  Pack a bag of kids' essentials like water bottles, small snacks and toys but leave it in the car, or under a table, where you can access it easily but don't look like you're on a school excursion.  This is your chance to use a fabulous clutch, make the most of it.

4. We all want to look glamorous at a wedding, but make sure the dress you choose isn't so far out of your comfort zone that you spend the whole time worrying whether your cleavage is getting more attention than the bride.

5.  I don't like fascinators.  I think they're dated and unless you're at the races, they are a bit passe for weddings.  But that's just my opinion.  If you want to wear one, then for it.  I'd prefer to wear a clip of some sort in my hair instead.

Ok, this is my Outfit 1 for Bobbi.  I'm calling it "Classic Gatsby" because this dress nods to the 20's with it's shape and colour.  The dusty blue is beautiful and will flatter Bobbi's fair colouring really well.  The silver accessories are an obvious choice because of the diamante clip on the shoulder strap.  This dress will serve well in the future for cocktail parties and christenings, too.  It is not too fashion-y, but the one shouldered look makes it just a smidge edgier.

Gatsby inspired wedding outfit

Lucinda Gown, Events Fashion, on sale at $89 from $199 | NineWest Peeptoe shoes $129.99 | Coast flower hair band from ASOS $47.61 | Le Club Clutch, NineWest, $69.95


Outfit number 2 is probably the one I'd wear to a wedding, but I think it is just so versatile and the colour is wow!  It's not quite orange and not quite red, but is definitely a showstopper.  I've gone with a patterned shoe, but if you wanted to tone it down a nude would be very stylish.  Or with such a statement colour, I'm going down the safe route of nude accessories, but you could easily choose silver, navy, or even royal purple.

Sonia Kruger "Morning Show dress, on sale for a ridiculous $59 (wish I had a wedding to go to!) | Octagonal clutch from the Bag Queen, $80 | Earrings, Sussan, $12.95 | Betts Poppy Peep toe (could you stand in these all day, do you think?) on sale for $39.99 | Betts Domain court shoe, $39.99 and much more sensible! 

EDITED TO ADD - whilst writing this post, the above Sonia Kruger dress has vanished from the website - boo!  It may be tracked down in a Myers somewhere, or you could check out this equally stunning alternative from the same designer called the concealed plunge dress.

Sonia kruger concealed plunge dress
Concealed Plunge Dress, Sonia Kruger on sale for $59.99


My final offering is from Alannah Hill who's shop I love to look around as it's so cute and quirky.  This dress is pretty much everything you want for a wedding guest's outfit - demure, colourful and playful, too.  It also comes in a bright coral called sherbert, but this lemon yellow is just divine.

I wouldn't spoil the beautiful cut of the neck with a necklace, instead, particularly as Bobbi has short hair, I'd go for some statement earrings.


  1. What a bargain the Betts clutch is! Never thought to look at Betts for bags. If you are looking for Great Gatsby brooches and hair pieces try Tamara Harrison Design or Tiger Pickles for DIY pieces to make your own.

  2. I know, I love the "knuckle duster" handle on it. I like the idea if making my own hair jewellery - I might be just creative enough to manage that!


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